3.45-4.30 Beginners Ballet/Tap/Jazz £6

4.30-5.30 Grade 1/2 Ballet/Tap/Jazz £6

5.30-7.00 Grade 5/6 Ballet & Pointe Work £9

4.30-5.15 London Academy of Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) Drama 6+ £6

5.15-6.00 London Academy of Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) Drama 12+ £6


4.30-5.30 Street Dance £5 drop in

5.30-7.30 Modern Jazz/Tap/Strength & Conditioning Grade 5/6 (must also attend 2.00 Saturday class)


4.30-6.00 Musical Theatre £9

6.00-7.30 Modern Jazz/Tap/Strength & Conditioning Grade 4 £9 (must also attend 12.30 Saturday class)


9.00-10.00 Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Beginners) £6

10.00-11.00 Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Preparatory & Primary) £6

11.00-12.00 Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Grade 1 & 2) £6

12.00-12.30 Modern Jazz £3

12.30-2.00 Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Grade 3 & 4) £9

2.00-5.00 Ballet/Jazz (Grade 5/6) £18 (price includes 5.30-7.30 Thursday session)

Students who already attend on a Thursday and Saturday or Friday and Saturday can attend additional ballet or drama classes on Wednesday for £4 (per session).

If you are interested in one of our classes, please email us to check availability.


We have a clear development programme for our students.

Students work to achieve a level of proficiency in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Drama. Students can achieve teaching qualifications in these disciplines, up to teaching certificate.

The Allied Dancing Awards are internationally recognised dance qualifications. LAMDA awards are recognised by OFQUAL which means that you will attain credits for each exam taken. All awards show a level of dedication and commitment and can be included on personal statements when applying for jobs or further study.

Students work systematically through a syllabus and their progress is measured by an external examiner at the following stages:

Preparatory Level

Primary Level

Grades 1-5

Higher Ballet Grade

Intermediate Level

Advanced Level (Teaching Qualification)


If students are to progress through to the higher grades (Grade 3 and above) and fully participate in all our shows, they must attend as many classes as possible. This is to ensure students learn the necessary skills and also to build up the physical strength and stamina required to perform at a higher level.

All of our students are offered the same programme of progression.

Our timetable is subject to change, at the company’s discretion, at any time. We aim to keep changes to a minimum, however, occasionally (due to student development, space availability and teacher availability) alterations are unavoidable.

From Grade 3 and above, students who do not, or cannot attend all sessions, are still welcome to attend Didsbury Theatre School, however, they may not be included in all show numbers or recommended for Ballet and Tap exams or pointe work. This is because they will not have learned all the necessary technique or acquired the physical strength to perform.

There are options available for students who do not want to take exams, please email for more information.

We work towards at least one large-scale production each year and we request that all students take part.

For more information on classes, costs, shows and opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us.